Wikipedia fiasco continues, part 1

I came back from a trip and came across the article from Chosun Ilbo[1 Korean][2 Japanese] which amused me. The article actually suggests readers to get involved in the online pull at Wikipedia on Dokdo.

Is this Korean newspaper should be doing? fueling online nationalism? I’m no expert on the issue(though I try to study myself) so I stay away from the dispute. But, considering it’s an English version of the entry and the neutrality is the point, I think Liancourt Rocks is a good name.

I try to stay away from Wikipedia as much as possible in general. It’s a VANK’s playground and pretty messed up especially the areas concerning Korean-Japanese relation and Korean history and Japanese tradition/history etc. I’ve seen people trying to change Samurai into pirates etc etc etc. But I don’t wanna be involved with those crazy Korean fanatics, so I stay away from it. Sorry Chosun Ilbo. 🙂

You tell me not to laugh reading this kind of crap called “discussion”??

Invalid Votes::
# Support Dockdo is belong to Korea. Japan is very bad to steal dockdo. Let’s punish Japan and keep Dokdo!!— Qkrgkd94

# Support The Korean territory should be called in Korean, not in Japanese nor in French.— Fsuh

Just like their elementary school teachers told them to, huh? lol

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