The U.S. “Sex Slave” resolution goin’ nowhere

If they believe what they are doing is right and have proof then why not just go ahead and do it.

Korean media have reported “Surprise Passing of Resolution on Japanese Sexual Slavery is Likely This Month”[1] earlier this month, now it’s not going to happen[2 in Korean]. [update] Yonhap news now reports[3] it just delayed and will be next month( again lol they’ve been saying this forever).

미 의회 위안부 결의안 상정 안 2007년 05월 22일 11:42

일본군 위안부 결의안의 미 하원 외교위원회 이번 달 내 통과가 불가능해졌습니다.
미 하원외교위원회는 오는 23일 처리할 법안 결의안 목록에서 위안부 결의안 대신 대테러 전쟁에 참여한 한국에 감사를 표시하는 ‘한국 결의안’을 상정했습니다.

They will discuss the “South Korean resolution” instead of the “Sex Slave resolution”

…. oh yeah?

May 18 (Bloomberg) — Some Asian women working at brothels for occupying Japanese forces during World War II were employed and paid by owners under contract, the Sankei newspaper reported, citing a U.S. military report declassified three decades ago.

Twenty Korean women working as prostitutes for the Japanese military in northern Burma were recruited in exchange for money and paid, according to the report written in 1944 by the U.S. military’s intelligence division, Sankei said. The report was based on an interrogation of a Japanese owner of the brothel.

The document contradicts statements that Japan’s army forced women into sexual servitude, the Sankei said. … [ Bloomberg ]

The U.S. lawmakers are scared heck out of Japan? Or they just found out what the U.S. troops have really done in Asia just recently? Or they just find out Rep. Mike Honda is a lier. Or they’re just gonna do it ignoring the fact that the U.S. troops have done the same in Asia. I really wanna know the truth.

Or are they gonna use “we earn precious one year to prepare and keep attacking Japan” tactics just like Koreans are doing for East Sea? [1] [2] [3]

What is it? ‘Come on, let’s decide just once for all.

Japan, as a policy, kidnapped 200,000 Korean women and enslaved for sex orgies as in the way the U.S. did with Black people in the U.S. right? Don’t tell me you forget. I remember this, Rep. Mike Honda.

Is there any international law to sue him and Korea over defamation?

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Sex Slaves for American GI’s Accepted Mass Rape–“Peacefully”?

Exposing the sex slave market in the Mid-South

May 16, 2007 02:02 AM
Exposing the sex slave market in the Mid-South

SPECIAL REPORT — Children being sold as sex slaves. It’s happening all over the country. Even in the Mid-South, girls are made to work as prostitutes while the real criminals exploit them while hiding in the shadows.

Young girls are illegally transported across the borders and into the Mid-South. They come hoping for a better way of life but find themselves in bondage and working as modern day sex slaves.

“You come here looking for a better life for whatever reason. Then, all of a sudden, you find your dream has now turned into a nightmare,” says Special Agent John Brown, FBI.

A 12-year old Mexican girl lived that nightmare right here in Memphis. Court documents show she was smuggled into the Mid-South and forced to have sex with as many as 40 men a day while working a circuit of dirty brothels in Memphis and several other states.

Now, the girl is 15-years old and counselors say the horror she endured will likely last a lifetime.
“This family allowed this young woman trusting that she was going to be taken care of, to leave home. And, it was only after the fact they were notified of where she was living and what was happening that they were aware. They had no idea,” says Carolyn Tisdale, Catholic Charities.

A Berclair Apartment is one of the brothels in Memphis. After agents raided it, they indicted a dozen people between Memphis and Nashville, the FBI formed a special human trafficking task force to catch criminals in the act.

“We’re not on the border, but they don’t just take them to the borders,” says the FBI.

The young girl smuggled here had no say in her decision to leave Mexico, but many of those who get caught up in this type of modern day slavery actually leave willingly with “coyotes” — the nickname for those who smuggle humans illegally across the borders.

Mexican immigrants come to Memphis to find work. Many admit the trip is filled with anxiety… even for adults who are willingly smuggled in. A trip to a supermarket on Jackson reveals why so many are willing to take the risk. It’s Friday and payday for many of the immigrants. They go to the supermarket to wire money back to Mexico.

“I keep a little money in my pocket and send a little money for my family. That’s what I do every weekend,” says one immigrant.

For some the risk of coming to Memphis has cost them their freedom and their innocence. Catholic charities is now receiving federal grant money to help victims of human trafficking. They used some of it to bring the parents of the young victim to Memphis.

And as for the 15-year old girl…consellors says she is slowly adjusting to her new found freedom and life in Memphis. Unfortunately, there are others like her who remain in secret sexual bondage.

25 arrested in Twin Cities in international sex slave bust

Federal agents shut down ‘major prostitution ring’ at 8 brothels in 4 cities
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 05/21/2007 11:34:07 PM CDT

A criminal enterprise that ran a bustling ring of brothels throughout the Twin Cities forced foreign women into “sex slavery” and handed out business cards at a casino to lure customers, federal authorities alleged Monday.

During weekend raids, agents arrested 25 people and shut down a “major prostitution ring” that operated eight brothels in homes in Minneapolis, West St. Paul, Richfield and Austin, Minn., federal officials said.

Five others were arrested for immigration violations incidental to the prostitution investigation, and others were taken into custody and released, an immigration official said.

One of the alleged brothels in Minneapolis was at 2955 Bloomington Ave. S., where the arrest of several suspects Saturday got the attention of immigrants who feared a raid.

But although 18 of the suspects were listed by the U.S. attorney’s office as being illegal immigrants, the community should not fear a wholesale roundup, said U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose at a Monday news conference.

“This was absolutely not an immigration raid,” Paulose said.

According to the indictment, six women and 19 men were involved in the ring, whose activities were documented from January 2006 to this month.

The indictment states a 37-year-old illegal immigrant, Marisol Ramirez, served as the ringleader and confiscated the passports of the women while they worked at the brothels. Other defendants helped by running a transition house, operating the brothels themselves,
supplying drugs to the brothels, picking up prostitutes at the airport and delivering condoms.

Others helped by passing out business cards at various locations, including the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake.

One alleged prostitute was among those indicted. That woman helped promote the operation and rented an apartment used as a brothel, the indictment said.

Paulose said the women were subjected to harsh treatment. In an example cited in the indictment, one brothel operator bragged to Ramirez that two of his prostitutes had serviced 80 men in just one night.

Officials said some of the women were illegal immigrants and some were not. They said they did not know how many women were forced into prostitution or what countries or states they came from. They did not identify any prostitutes who were minors, Paulose said, but “the investigation is ongoing.”

Federal officials differed with St. Paul police about the origins of the case.

Nancy Di Perna, an assistant police chief in St. Paul, said at the news conference that slain Sgt. Gerald Vick planted the seed from which the investigation grew.

“Sgt. Gerald Vick became aware of a criminal enterprise that brought women from Central American and Caribbean countries to this area,” Di Perna said. “These women were kept in a demeaning and degrading life, while a few people at the top of that enterprise became very wealthy.”

However, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Tim Counts said later that ICE led the investigation and developed it independently before other agencies became involved.

“When we teamed up, it turns out that some information they had was likely the same information as this,” Counts said.

Vick was murdered during an undercover prostitution investigation in May 2005.

A federal grant to the Gerald Vick Human Trafficking Task Force – composed of investigators from the FBI, ICE, St. Paul and Minneapolis police, Ramsey and Hennepin county sheriff’s offices and others – aided the investigation detailed Monday.

The arrests at the Bloomington Avenue apartment sparked a protest there Saturday.

One immigrant advocate said as many as 200 people stopped to watch the bust when the word got out that immigration agents were in the heavily Latino area.

No one was sure what was happening – and officials weren’t saying, said Alondra Espejel of the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network.

Arresting people on criminal charges is one thing, Espejel said. But provoking fear and chaos is another.

“What I’m worried about is terrorizing an immigrant community on a Saturday afternoon, when it’s family time, when it’s down time,” she said.

Advocates also decried what they saw as collaboration Saturday by the Minneapolis police, who by city law must not enforce immigration policy.

Police spokesman Lt. Amelia Huffman said Monday that a handful of Minneapolis police were on hand Saturday to secure the scene outside while the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and ICE were serving their warrants inside the apartment building.

That kind of presence is common when outside law enforcement comes into Minneapolis on a criminal investigation, Huffman said.

But “we do not independently investigate, we do not detain, we do not arrest, when immigration violations are the principal issue,” she said. “We are interested in making Minneapolis safe for all residents of the community, regardless of immigration status.”

60 years later, pain still fresh for WWII sex slave

Honda Won’t Drop Apology Bill

So, the U.S. today, as a policy, enslaving 20000000000000 Mexican girls as REAL “sex slave”, is that right? Rep. Mike Honda?

Huh? FBI’s are after them? Japanese Police were after Korean dealers as well, what a f*ck you talking about.


7 thoughts on “The U.S. “Sex Slave” resolution goin’ nowhere

  1. Honda and Onishi are hypocrites.
    It is not deniable that there were cases where the women were raped, and I am really sorry for that. That happened in Philippines and that happened in Dutch.
    It seems they accepted the apologies by Japanese government.
    It is very strange that it is Korean comfort women whose testimonies are inconsistent are the ones who have been blaming Japan despite several apologies, despite the fact their government has had the same kind of comfort station, despite the fact their government has not apologized for once.

    Debito supports the resolution for the former Korean comfort women. If he is doing for Korean women, why can’t he ask the US to issue apology to Japanese women GIs raped after the occupation? Isn’t he a Japanese human right activist?

    I think Korean ultra nationalists will keep taking up this issue. People commenting on this issue have little knowledge of the issue.

    Keep up the good job and let people know the fact.

  2. For those people like Rep. Mike Honda, facts don’t matter. They don’t listen. They don’t learn. They just wanna attack.
    It’s like putting one hand in ears and the other hand on penis.
    I don’t wanna be involved with these people. Why should I make myself feel like puking. You know.

  3. People accusing Japan of this issue do not bother to check the facts. And when I point out the fact that Korea and the U.S. had
    the same system, they just ignore it.
    Komori of Sankei shimbun said in the interview this was racism against Japanese I thought it was off the mark at first, but now I think there is an element of the truth in his statement.

  4. I’d say it’s more like prejudice, that is “Japan Empire was aggressive, and fanatic, so no wonder japs did this kinda thing”.

    And they justify themselves saying how cruel Japan was. But, it turns out the U.S., Korea, China any other European country did pretty much the same or even more nasty inhuman things in the past or even today and they never admit.

    What’s in their head is only “Japan empire nothing but evil, other good” that’s it. This is the problem.

    Look at it. How many European countries apologized and payed money to ex-colonized countries in Asia or Africa? What about South Korean troops in Vietnam? China’s massacre by Mao Zedong, massacre in Tibet etc etc etc. They never admitted the guilt the same way Japan did.

    PS. I have to be on a trip for a few days. So, I may not be able to reply anytime soon. Sorry about that.

  5. Oh, one more thoughts about the Komori’s statement “racism”. “Racism” is a magic word for Americans, just like “holocaust denier” is in Europe.

    I think he knows it and used intentionally. “You call me a rapist, then I call you a racist” Anyway it works. 😉

    Anyway, In reality, I don’t think it’s racism, but it’s prejudice originates from ignorance.

  6. I wonder if you even know what Mike Honda means by Japanese government should “officially” apologize to South Korean sexual victims. The Japanese government has been insisting that South Korean Women who were kidnapped and raped more than 30 times every day and had to abort in order to survive-the ones who were pregnant got killed-was not pushed to do it, but the women did it voluntarily. How ridiculous is that excuse. The Japanese government never admitted their fault nor actually apologize to South Korea. They stretch the truth and teach their students in school the wrong facts. By teaching the descendants the lies, one day in the future the lie will be the truth and the “real truth” will be dissapear. What South Korea want is a sincere offical apolozige from Japan, and forgive them. It is pretty tough to forgive someone when he or she doesn’t even bother to apologize.

  7. Laurie ,

    Did the US government “officially” apologize to Mexican sexual victims who were kidnapped and raped more than 30 times every day and had to abort in order to survive?

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