[DPRK] Political prisoners might be forced to work for the Nuke test

According to the group of North Korean defectors, political prisoners were forced to work for the Nuke test. They say it is a custom to use political prisoners for dangerous works and experiments…

If that’s true, just sick, sick,sick. When the work was done, that was the end of their lives. If Kim Jong-il claims it’s not true, show us the prisons.

N. Korea used political dissidents to help build nuclear testing facility

SEOUL, May 21 (Yonhap) — North Korea may have mobilized political prisoners to build an underground facility for its first-ever nuclear test last year, an activist claimed Monday.

核実験に政治犯動員か、脱北者団体が見方示す Yonhap News 2007/05/21 15:18 KST




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