S***t people and S****d people

S***t people S****d people

I can’t hold it in anymore.

I’ll admit it.

From the time I was born till about… 2003, I was very ANTI-JAPANESE. My close friends who knew me could compare me to the new modern ASIAN hitler to be. My ignorance grew at a pace of… let’s say.. as fast as the san bernadino mountains can burn on a hot windy day.

So what the hell, Dennis!? How can you go from PRO-KOREAN, ANTI-JAPANESE to a semi-conscious, anti-KOrean, Pro-Japanese mentality? Was it cause you married a “JAP” dennis that you can go ahead and abandon the “gooks”???

Plain and simple. FUCK KOREANS. I grew up proudly waving a flag that wasn’t even my own country. The TAE GOOK E. Fuck that. I grew up ALMOST in a military-like CHURCH that taught nothing but NATIONALISTIC anti-communist, anti-japanese rhetoric that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Korean history is a proud history but ever since the annexation of Choson/Chosen, Koryo was never the same country. Hundreds of important archives, art, documents, shamans, martial arts teachers, Royal Court musicians and dancers were all burnt, murdered, stolen, raped, ravaged and plundered. How much of the Korean history remaining is REAL or NATIONALISTIC!?

The world may never know. Koreans are a VERY PROUD OF NOTHING sort of country. The only real thing Koreans can say is that they SOMEWHAT managed to keep a bit of their culture, history, music, dances, and martial arts from complete deterioration. They can be proud of THAT achievement.

Here are a LIST of Korean lies.
1.) Tae Kwon Do IS a Korean Martial art that existed for 5000 years.
BULLSHIT. THe Creator of Tae Kwon Do AKA Choi Hong Hi PREACHED proudly that THERE WAS NO TKD BEFORE CHRIST. There was no TKD 100 years ago. I AM THE FATHER OF TAE KWON DO.
Famous people who studied under Gichin Funakoshi later became GREAT martial artists. That is to include NAM TAE HI, CHOI HONG HI, and MAS OYAMA. Koreans are too proud to admit that their own NATIONAL Martial arts had a HEAVY MOTHERFUCKING influence from Japanese martial arts.
Remember that TKD wasn’t created from one or two styles of TKD. It was created by combining 15 “Chae yook kwons” of S. Korea naming Hwarangdo (at the time referred to as Dang soo do), Yoo-do, Tae Kyun, Kwon Bup, and lots of practice of selective scientific movements of the body.. and TAE KWON DO’s MAIN ingredient? Okinawan Karate.

2.) Korea is 5000 years old. Anthropologists cannot even determine who was where, what time, from what period of time who existed and where. THE ONLY THING Korea can say for sure is that it’s development as a society came AFTER china and BEFORE Japan. that’s it.

3.) Korean KIM CHI (Red) is a national product that goes back 100000 years. Uhm. NO you stupid gook. Korean kim chi, atleast the color RED, came after the Spaniard conquest of the New World when they actually had access to TWO of the newest products into the OLD WORLD. RED PEPPER and POTATOS. There was NO MODERN Potato no red pepper till the Spaniards and POrtugese were able to make trade with the new world. There is a theory. however, that the Chinese brought red pepper to the asias. It makes sense now that history has proven that the chinese came to the New World 50-100 years before the Europeans did. So Koreans, GAM JA TANG and RED KIM CHI ain’t 1000 years old. at the MAX it’s probably 300-400 years old.

4.) Dok Do nun oo ri ddang e da!! … TOKDO is Korea’s piece of shit island. Koreans are soo fucking stupid. Korean’s are fighting over an island that ain’t even 1 square mile. HISTORICALLY, BOTH KOREAN ROYALTY, ELITES and JAPANESE ROYAL and ELITES and HWarangs and Samurai OFTEN stopped by TOKDO/TAKASHIMA because it’s smack in the middle of the ocean and it made a great getaway from society. You can’t really claim who owned WHAT since the Japanese owned the seas both military and fishing wise.
The ONLY TIME Korea made an INDENT of the NAval history is when YI SUN SHIN’s famous battle against 333 of Hideoyoshi’s Emperial NAvy fought against Korean barely put together KoBuksun which beat the living shit out of Japan.
THATS THE ONLY TIME KOREA HAD SOMEWHAT OF A POWER OVER JAPAN!!!! until then, the Korean navy were BITCHES to even the LOWLY Japanese pirates!!! it shows how “MIGHTY” Korean ships were back then. SO BULL SHIT when Koreans say it’s THEIR ISLAND because they “OWNED” the seas

If Koreans want to fight over tokdo, give up. FIGHT OVER TSU-SHIMA!!! That’s Korean island BAR NONE! It’s closer to Korea, you can actually INHABIT that mother fucker and it ain’t a stupid piece of rock like TOkdo.

5.) Jja Jjang myun is KOrean. No it ain’t you stupid motherfucker. It came from Taiwan
6.) Soon tofu is KOrean. Uh… no. Tofu is not a Korean invention either you stupid motherfucker. The most logical explaination is that soon tofu is Chinese. aww did I piss you off? Stfu
7.) Everything in Japan was once originally Korean. UHm… no. SAMURAI is totally Japanese. HOWEVER, Japanese history DOES admit that “Strangers” who came from “unlisted provinces” entered the Samurai bloodlines for the daimyo or for the shogun based on their sword fighting skills. This COULD mean that Chinese OR Korean ex-military leaders or vagabonds could’ve proven their worth in the Japanese military and later became infused into THEIR mainstream society. That doesn’t mean samurai are Korean. It could mean that SOME Samurai MIGHT’VE had Korean OR Chinese bloodlines.

Art, the only time Korean art had a major impact on Japanese culture was the war with Hideoyoshi. 100,000+ people were taken back to Japan as either war trophies or assets to the Japanese culture. Does that mean that their art TODAY or even 100 years ago is Korean? NO you stupid ass. It means it was later diluted into THEIR culture.

Buildings. Southern Japan (Kyushu, SHikoku) were most likely Choson Influence. Okinawa, DEFINITELY Chinese. HONSHU, most likely a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Choson influence. but not entirely CHOSON like stupid nationalistic FUCKS claim it is.

8.) DAM BAE is Korean! Tobacco smoking is not native to Asia. MOst likely came to Japan by way of the Dutch trade with the Americas then later to Korea. Korean tobacco? No more like left over scrap tobacco from Japan.. since the Japanese trade were shiesty 😉

9.) Here are some JAPANESE WORDS Koreans STILL USE TODAY and FORGET they came from Japan and they’re not Koreans
a.) ta ku an , that yellow radish aka DAM MOO JI. Koreans CLAIM That nasty shit is theirs. nope. Japanese all way. not koreans one bit.
b.) tamanegi. ONION. Japanese. Not Korean.
c.) gorooma. Car. Not a Korean word. Japanese/Chinese word
d.) Ramen. as much as Koreans LOVE Ramen and SHIN RAMEN. RAmen is definitely from China to Japan to Korea.

Look. Koreans LOVE to make an Ass of JApan. Maybe it’s the “oh shit, Japan kicked our asses so we gotta use dirty ass tactics to get back at them” method.
Koreans say Japanese are cowards.
Koreans say Japanese are DIRTY.
Koreans say Japanese only COPY.
Korean say Japanese DIDN’T MODERNIZE KOREA.

STOP BEING SO FUCKIN PROUD AND JUST ADMIT KOREA LOST AND IF IT WASN’T THE JAPANESE INFLUENCE ON KOREA, GOD KNOWS WHERE KOREA WOULD’VE BEEN!!! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! Japanese aren’t cowards. If you should remember WWII, they had the fucking balls to go heads up against our Marines. Yeah, they lost, but atleast they FOUGHT and DIDNT RUN AWAY like Koreans did when JAPAN invaded Korea!

Japanese, DIRTY? Fucked up teeth, Yes. Dirty? no. Most Koreans have NEVER been to Japan. If you goto the shittiest part of Japan, that’s Seoul on a good day. Japan’s rural area is MUCH cleaner than the City of Seoul. ALmost everything in Japan in hightech and automatic. It seems like even the popular places in Seoul were MANUAL. Koreans may be #1 in Electronic sales, but it sure ain’t #1 in Quality.

Japanese only copy?? UHm. Have you seen all the innovations of Japan? China copies. Japan improves. Korea copies Japan. the end.
Don’t believe me? Look at Korean automobiles vs Japanese and tell me who copies who

Before Japan, there was NO ELECTRICITY in Korea!!! Who put electricity in the ROYAL PALACES!??!?!!?!? JAPANESE DID!!! not even Japanese government, but the Japanese military adn police placed them in there. Before Japan, Korea had no idea what the fuck “industrialization” of a country meant.

Here are some of the things KOREANS never KNEW ABOUT before the Japanese occupation
1.) Modern medicine
2.) electricity
3.) High powered rifles
4.) Automobile
5.) Tanks
6.) AIRPLANES!!!!!!
9.) Steel beam and architectural engineering
10.) and probably the most important, STEAM POWER/Trains.

Given that everything mentioned was built by Korean labor, it sure the fuck wasn’t Korean hermetism that allowed the country to modernize.

Koreans, stop taking cheap shots at Japan. Get over it. MoVE ON. STOP CRYIN

Japanese, just stop thinking that nothing good came out of Korea. Lots of great inventors, warriors, politician, K-1 pride figthers carry Korean bloodline within them. And never forget Kyokushin Karate was not made by a Japanese, but a Japanese citizen with Korean descent Mas Oyama aka Yong I choi

Both have to come to agreement that no one is superior than the other. both have to admit that THEY’VE INFLUENCED EACH OTHER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THEIR CIVILIZATION!!!!!

Both should seoriusly stfu and concentrate on a greater enemy… kita chosen/book han aka North Korea.

Both need to understand that they’re also sharing a lot of the same history, culture since 120 years ago… and that most likely they have relatives on both sides of the stereotypes.
Koreans don’t need to play the victim routine
Japan don’t need to play the “im superior than everybody cause my shit don’t stink” routine.

Koreans need to stop reading NATIONALISTIC history and read outside sources from the UK, China and Polish historical records of Korea. Even the french have a book on Korea. Check it out. Never read one book and believe everything it says.

I’ve ranted enough. The End for couple of days

Of course it’s funny for the fucking ggum daeng to always talk shit like just because he went to UCLA and read 1-2 books on Korea he’s the expert. Dood, I’ve read enough books on KOrea and even my own collection on Korea outnumbers the ggum daeng es. But who cares. Here are some links to the “__random facts”

potato[a] red pepper [a]

This is an example of an over interpreted Korean lie.. very typical of gooks and how TKD was formed[a]

These two are somewhat of an better interpretation… but they still both claim it to be older [a]


Unlike Ggum Daeng E, I’ve had many many articles on Choi Hong Hi, esp from Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do Times, Kung Fu, etc
He proudly displays pictures of practicing TKD in Japan, Vietnam, Canada and North Korea. HE is the father of WTF and ITF.
But if you don’t believe what he said, goto taekwondo times and re-order the back issues of Choi Hong Hi. It’s a 12 page special
that he talks in his own words about training in Japan with Gichin.

Chris says America MODERNIZED Korea!? Uhm. no.
Americans did not build roads, line up electricity power, None of that.
Even when the first ENVOY of 103 Koreans from Korea left for America from 1882-1903, they returned only to scoff at the majority of the American influence. remember, Koreans were more COnfucian than China.

Art? I have a book “Paekche’s influence over Japan” then I Have “Korean influence over Japan”
I also had a book titled “WHy Japan lives in Korea’s Shadow”
Chris, you nigger you did NOT read as much books on Korea as I did. Everyone who knew me since highschool knew I was a Korean history NUT. I just stopped believing their lies after I read a Biography on Hideoyoshi… and since I’ve calmed down.

Since Chris is so smart

I’m not dogging on Chris. Chris is just being a bitch cause I talked shit about Art in #7
If you don’t know Chris, Chris is an OGRE who think he has the finess of a gay artist

If you guys really want resources, I’ll post them up later.
Bling bling

Posted 9/5/2006 at 9:12 PM

just in case u have NO idea what this group is about.. let me summarize it for u..Korea and Japan is having this controversial pretension over a island called Dokdo… But Dokdo IS Koreans… no doubt because of all the historical evidence… as u know from the past… Koreans don’t get along with Japanese because they invaded us and treated us like dogs… and NOW they claim a piece of land that is OURS.. and we are even more pissed off about it… but unfortunately.. the Korean government can’t really support the claim because Japan is a country u don’t wanna mess with (Pearl Harbor, invaded Korea, invaded China, etc.).. this group is to support the claim of Dokdo… that Dokdo is Koreans.. doesn’t matter what race u are.. as long as u support it..

oh yeah… i don’t dislike Japanese… but i fuking hate their government

The Koreans lay their claim to Dokdo based on earlier and more numerous precedents than Japan. They point to the document that named it as a territory that was first incorporated into the Korean Shilla Dynasty in 512 AD. They also point to various land surveys and maps that were drawn in later centuries that do, in fact, show Dokdo (in its accurate geographic position) to be Korean territory. Some of these documents were even published in Japan: Japanese cartographer Dabuchi Tomohiko cited Dokdo as Korean territory in “Kankoku Shinchishi (New Geography of Korea), Teikoku Encyclopedia Number 134”, published in September 1905; six months after the islets were “incorporated” into Shimane Prefecture. In a survey of Korea that was requested by the Colonial Government, Ihohara Fumiichi referred to Dokdo as belonging to Korea. In a 1930 article, Japanese scholar Hibata Sekko mentioned that Dokdo belonged to Kangwon Province, Korea. The Japanese Navy had also cited Dokdo as an appended island to Ullungdo, and Korean territory, in its 1923 publication, “Chosen Engan Suiroshi” (Korean Coastal Straits).

Koreans also complain that the Japanese took advantage of Korea’s political weakness vis-a-vis Japan in 1905, when the islets were registered as a part of Shimane prefecture, Japan. Koreans rightfully argue that Korea had not been able to effectively protest the Japanese action at the time because Japan had had already taken control of the foreign affairs of Korea via the Protectorate Treaty of 1905, also known as the “Eulsa Treaty” or the “Second Japan-Korea Agreement”. (The ratification of the treaty itself had been forced on Korea by the Japanese delegation to the treaty “negotiations” led by Ito Hirobumi and General Hasegawa Gonnosuke, with no signatures given by either the King or the Prime Minister of Korea.) The Korean side also points out that the Japanese did not inform the Korean Government of their claim until 1906, and then only indirectly. Upon learning of Japans decision, Korean officials in 1906, at both local and national levels, did in fact recognize and document the Japanese action as a violation of Korean sovereignty. However, due to the loss their nations independence and foreign affairs capability, no action was taken. Currently, the Japanese Foreign Ministry website states that it was not necessary for Japan to inform other countries of this territorial acquisition. This contrasts sharply with Japan’s action when it acquired the Bonin (Ogasawa) Islands in the Pacific. Then Japan contacted Great Britain and the U.S. several times, which were only remotely involved in them and it notified 12 European countries of its establishment of control over the islands.

To bolster their claim to Dokdo, Koreans also point to the opinions SCAP rendered on no less than three occasions during the occupation that excluded Dokdo from Japanese control.

Koreans have also pointed out the falsehoods in the Japanese Foreign Ministry-sponsored 1966 study by Kawakami Kenzo. Kawakamis disparagement of Korean Choson Dynasty documentation has been shown to be baseless. Futhermore, the claim that Dokdo was not (is not) visible to Korean eyes on Ullungdo is also a falsehood, since Dokdo is visible at a height of 120 meters or higher in elevation from Ullungdo, an island with a maximum elevation of 985 meters.

Japanese have also made claims that Japans “effective management” of Dokdo had been in place as early as the 17th Century, when the Japanese merchant families Otani and Murakawa obtained permission from the Japanese Government to travel to Ullungdo. Not only was Japans “effective management” of Dokdo highly improbable at this time (the merchant families were interested in exploiting Ullungdo, not Dokdo), it also creates a contradiction in the Japanese claim. In 1905, the Japanese recognized the islets as a terra nullius, and therefore ownerless (never having been managed) before that time. This contradiction has never been fully addressed by official or unofficial sources in Japan. Probably as a result of this contradiction, the Japanese Foreign Ministry Website no longer mentions the fact that Japan incorporated Dokdo as a terra nullius.

Yet another problematic issue for the Japanese claim to Dokdo, particularly Japans 1905 incorporation, is the existence of a land survey conducted by Korean authorities in 1900, known as Korean Government Imperial Ordinance No. 41 (Article 2), which stipulated that the Ullungdo-kun office was to have jurisdiction over Sokdo (Dokdo). This Korean Government order was promulgated on October 25, 1900; over four whole years before Japan sequestered the island as a terra nullius. Japanese critics of this ordinance assert that the island named in the document, Sokdo (in Sino-Korean characters), is not Dokdo, but refers to the island Kwanumdo; an island that is almost penninsular in appearance and in the far Northeastern corner of Ullungdo. The evidence by which they conclude that Sokdo is Kwanumdo has never been explained. It is difficult to believe that Sokdo is Kwanumdo, based on Kwanumdos history, appearance and topography, and as “Dokdo” and “Sokdo” essentially mean the same thing: “rock island”. As the text of the ordinance was written in Sino-Korean (Chinese) characters, the name appears as “Sok”, and not the dialectal pure Korean, “Dok”.


I remember one Korean media have said all asians are the descendant of Korea.
I remember one Korean have said English is improved indirectly from Korean language.
I remember a professor of a Korean University have said my home country,
Taiwan, was the colony of Kogryo in the ancient time.
Well, if they think so, why can’t they prove it?
And I like to ask them that if they hate Japan so much, then why dont they break down
the aproximately 3000 schools built by Japanese? Why are they still using the bridges,
buildings, and other constructions built by Japanese. In fact, those constructions built
from taxes on Japanese people. But I guess koreans never be tought about it. What if
Russians occupy the Korean Penisula instead of Japan? Would they have steped the
same way as Eastern Europe? Do Koreans know how the Ukiranians treated during WWII? Well,
i can easily imagine that Koreans would hate me now.

By The Patriot
I’m an American whose lived in several Asian countries, and I can tell you that you gooks are the worst people, the most racist people on earth. Chinese people are so humble and have so much more confidence thatn you ugly, barbaric, dogeating flat faced, ugly 588 layers of makeup wearing gooks. Japanese people are much kinder and open to foreigners than you dog-eating, flat-faced,  garlic  breathed barbarians. It makes me sick too the way you gooks pronounce foreign languages. Why the fvck can you large-headed gook monkeys can’t pronounce
the letter “z”? “Z” does not sound like “j” you ugly slitty eyed, other people’s regurgitated food-eating gooks!!! You gooks are so dirty and your country smells like shit. I used to live in gookland before I came to Japan, and I can tell you it was the worst 2 years of my life. Japan is so much like heaven here. The  people here actually brush their teeth, and clean up after themselves..not like in your barbaric country. You guys prononce the number 0 as “jero.” It’s “zero” you subhuman shits. I guess you can’t do it because of your fucking 9 foot wide faces. Why do gooks have such large heads, but such small brains? That always
puzzled me.
Gooks are just so chock full of racist, arrogant, jingoistic  terminology proclaiming Korea to be some “heavenly kingdom”! You call black people “kamddoongi” You always refer to Americans or Chinese, Vietnamese, Blacks,
Europeans Japanese as “nom” or attache “seki” to it. Equivalent of saying “bastard”
In fact, you always refer to foreigners as some country + seki! How rude and crude your culture is. Purely barbaric. Your people are just animals. You call white people “yang nom” Japanese as “jjokbaree” Chinese as “ddaenom”. In Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Japanese and Chinese, there is NO DERAGATORY word for you ugly gooks or other country. They just attach the suffix “jin”
(Japanese) or “ren” (Chinese) to the country name to indicate “person.” That is a sign of refineness and politeness..not your ugly shit dirty filthy language. Stop
feeding bullshit to everyone else you fucking weak sore insecure cocker spaniel eating gooks!
Personally, I wish that the US dropped the Atomic bombs on your ugly gookland rather than Japan, and I always wished that China would have sent in all her forces during the Korean Gook War and wiped out all of you shitheads
once and for all. Too bad it can’t happen anytime soon. I hate you gooks so much, it makes me puke. Get the hell out of LA and take your dog-soup restaurants, your liquor stores, and your laundromats with you.


12 thoughts on “S***t people and S****d people

  1. It was going fine until…
    “It makes sense now that history has proven that the chinese came to the New World 50-100 years before the Europeans did”

    This is complete and utter bullshit. I stopped reading right there.

  2. Hi madne0,

    Thank you for pointing that out. I’m not sure what he was trying to say with that sentence either.

    But, the point of this post is not the fact but the minds of people.The guy on the upper left at least did his research on his own and learned from variety of sources while the guy on the upper right is just advocating propaganda without critical thinking or researching from variety of sources. The guy down on the left is a very good one and one the right, he just expressing his prejudice and probably hate.

  3. madne0,

    This is off-topic like I said. But I did little googling and found that There IS a theory that Chinese did traveled world before Columbus.

    Everybody knows Ming Dynasty was a great era for China, so I’m not surprised to find this.


  4. toru: I’ve knowned about that “theory” for a long time. It’s completely bunk. Even reputable Chinese historians say so! That’s why i called it “utter bullshit”.

  5. OK. Thanks for your follow up.

    It’s funny that I just found there is a theory some Japanese imagine that it could have been Japanese (HIdeyoshi maybe) who brought Red pepper or potatos to Korea. it make sense too. 😉

  6. Wow you peice of shit is all i got to say. w.e im not gonna come back to this shit ass site

  7. Ummm btw if china wiped us out during the gook war u wouldnt be alive and since your living japan um…. and if us did nuke us ummm japan would be caught in radiation to dumbass and also japanese people and chinese people cant say zero very well either and by the way we beat your dirty jap ass with 13 ships and wheres the proof the thing called namjun il -gee you dumb fuck

  8. Thanks for your sharing your thorough knowledge of Korea and Koreanism. Most of what you claim as “stealing” of words have an explanation.The Japanese language was forced on Koreans.

    For goodness-sakes, my grandfather only knew the Japanese language. So why would it not make sense I would call it tamanegi, ninjing or oden or the countless number of Japanese words the Koreans still use.

    Jeez, I guess the English speaking countries are all jackasses for calling a tidal wave a tsunami! The Japanese call Gimchi, Gimuchi! Your point… useless!

    Most of what you said (ie. gimchi being red… after the Spanish) are true, but most learned Koreans would know this. Just because you know this small bit of info, don’t make it seem like your Alex Trebeck!!

    By the way, Koreans are not known as GOOKS!!! The Vietnamese were called this during the Vietnam War!!
    You’re an embarassment to asians everywhere. Another jackass who talks unimportant trivial bullshit…

    PS. I believe geologists found natural gas in and around Dokdo/Takashima… BTW, there are records from the Japanese that Dokdo was in fact a part of Korea in the 1800s. Korea lost the right to contest ownership when Japan annexed Korea. No government, no say.

    S#!* I could go on forever….

  9. So you say… Here are some of the things KOREANS never KNEW ABOUT before the Japanese occupation
    1.) Modern medicine (aka “drug testing on humans”)
    2.) electricity (aka “the tongue-tickle maker”)
    3.) High powered rifles (aka “hole-making machines”)
    4.) Automobile (aka “Ford Model-T ???)
    5.) Tanks (ok, this is enough!!! Korea is way too mountainous for these you jackass)
    6.) AIRPLANES!!!!!! (the Fukyubushi Jero)
    7.) WELDING (aka “Gojira’s breath”)
    8.) SHIPYARD and SHIP BUILDLING (Korea demolished the Japanese navy in the 1500s… uh, the Turtle ships… Idiot!)
    9.) Steel beam and architectural engineering (I remember seeing them in Memoirs of a geisha!!!)
    10.) and probably the most important, STEAM POWER/Trains. (To moved all the stolen goods from Korea)

    Hey, Jackass!!!! Do you realize that none of the things on the list was invented by the Japanese? Some weren’t even introduced when the Japanese first occupied Korea. BTW you used the OCCUPATION!! Piss off now

    You’re a funny bitch…

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