“Internet centrist” on Sparkling Korea

May 20, 2007

South and North united

Filed under: Abduction,Anti-Japan,Comfort Women,Double standard,DPRK,Korea — fuga @ 10:53 pm

Good on you. The mutual enemy for two Koreas is Japan, that’s what they’ve been saying all along. Forget all the noise like Nukes, Abduction, Drugs, Fake bills, Concentration Camps, Defectors human trafficking and real sex slaves in China.

Whatever. just unite, man, nobody bothers you. Make it one voice.


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  1. Is Japan a Mutual Enemy of 2 Koreas? Ummm Let me think.

    Only 20 or 30 years ago, NK and (red) China were bitter enemies of SK.

    International relations have progressed. Does Japan get along better now with its neighbors?

    Did Japan do enough to undo all the horrible pictures it painted in the past? Or are they still haunting you?

    And reg. the abductions, NK abducted a handful of Japanse citizens mostly in Japan and your whole country cry like a big baby and the president visits NK 2 times. Do you forget Japan forced upon and abducted a half million Koreans – many times just off the street – away from THEIR families (just like those abducted Japanese) – to prostitutions, coal mines, military slaves, prisons, etc?

    Is there a comparison? We are NOT done yet.

    Comment by Young Gun — September 8, 2007 @ 7:07 pm

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