Japanese toy, “Korean invention!”

By now, you’ve probably learned to be suspicious about Korean [fill in the blank] 😉 .

A few month ago, everyone was talking about ripping off Japanese TV programs and Final Fantasy etc. Let’s enjoy exploring the latest Korean [lie/ignorance/joke/whatever] .

Edible bottle JoongAng Ilbo

Visitors view liquor bottles and glasses made of cuttlefish at an exhibition of inventions held yesterday at COEX, southern Seoul, in celebration of Invention Day.


[photo from JoongAng Ilbo]
After using the bottles and glasses, they can be roasted and eaten. In Korea, roasted cuttlefish are enjoyed as a side dish with drinks.

Bravo. That INVENTION( aka Japanese product) has been around more than decades(if not hundreds) in Japan.

[photo from http://www.tokkuri.co.jp/%5D

This reminds me of this last year’s funniest Korean INVENTION.

「ファン2つの扇風機」奇想天外な発明 JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version

It turned out…

Honeywell ツインターボサーキュレーター Amazon.co.jp

I often wonder if a Korean dictionary is significantly different from the rest of the world(except recent China… 🙂 ).


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