Bad luck for Lee Myung-bak (李明博,이명박) to see disabled

He must be a “typical pure blooded Korean” despite the fact he was born in Japan.

이명박 ‘장애인 낙태·동성애 비정상’ 발언 파문

한나라당의 유력 대선주자 이명박 전 서울시장의 ‘동성애’· ‘낙태’ 관련 발언이 파문을 일으키고 있다. 이 전 시장은 12일치 <조선일보> 전면(B섹션 3면)에 실린 ‘최보식의 직격인터뷰’에서 “인간은 남녀가 결합해서 서로 사는 것이 정상”이라며 동성애에 반대한다는 입장을 밝혔다. 이 전 시장은 또 낙태에 대한 입장을 묻는 질문에 “기본적으로는 반대인데, 불가피한 경우가 있다”며 “아이가 세상에 불구로 태어난다든지, 이런 불가피한 낙태는 용납이 될 수밖에 없는 거 같다”고 밝혔다.
Lee Myung-bak’s Remarks Anger Disabled

Basically, he opposes abortion, but he OKs abortion for babies with disabilities.

I understand people with disabilities accuse Lee Myung-bak because he is saying they deserve death right there. Besides, it seems he said something like “cripple”….

My favorite musicians are blind (Ray, etc). My favorite scientist is Stephen Hawking. They are valuable people.

What’s up with Korean politicians past a few days?? Take today’s article from The Chosun Ilbo [Japanese version].



民主平和統一諮問会議光明市協議会は17日、光明市協議会と米国のワシントン協議会との姉妹提携締結式が行われた14日、光明市内での昼食会でイ・ヒョソ ン市長が「ワシントンD.C.に行ったら黒いやつがいっぱいいたよ。あんな怖いところでどうやって暮らすんだ。わたしは夜、怖くて外に出られなかった」と 話していたと明らかにした。
Senior Officials Struck by Foot-in-Mouth Disease

The director of IT whatever cracks a joke about women having another hole?

The mayer insults Black people?


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something I wish I’d never known

When a Korean gets angry with a Korean

Lee Myung-bak (李明博,이명박) warns Japan ….

It’s becoming apparent he will be the next Roh Moo-hyun for many of Japanese and he’s gonna give them a huge constant laughs.


The Marmot’s Hole just picked this topic up.


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