More on the inter-Korean railways

I have actually more things to say on the inter-Korean railways and the “Sunshine policy” but it’s difficult.

I clearly remember a bunch of South Koreans accusing the U.S. for interfering the Korean reunification process, especially on the 2000 North-South summit. South Koreans believed the U.S. (and Japan) was the obstacle for the reunification while disregarding the fact that North Korea’s policy hadn’t changed at all and ready to attack(Military first).

And what happened after that? Missiles, nukes, fake bills, drugs, one of the worst human rights abuse in the world today. The South Korean presidents said “It’s just a satellite” “It’s nothing” “It’s OK for North to develop nukes” etc etc while accusing the U.S. (and Japan).

Then again, without accepting the fact and reality, South Korea, in the middle of the six party talks and the UN sanction, they are talking about yet another north-south summit and the Cash-for-inter-Korean railways. This time, of course, the U.S. said “slow down” but they wouldn’t say any stronger because it they did, South Koreans would accuse the U.S. for next decades all over again.

I only congratulate it just because I understand the feeling, that is families and relatives are separated for decades and the inter-Korean railways seem the tiny candle light for the South Koreans. The saddest thing is that they are blinded and refuse to understand the current situation.

“It is not simply a test run,” the Associated Press quoted Unification Minister Lee Jae-joung. “It means reconnecting the severed bloodline of our people. It means that the heart of the Korean peninsula is beating again.”[1]

Korean blood worth more than anything.. makes me sick.

Government figures show that 485 South Koreans have been abducted to North Korea since the end of the Korean War, and that 548 South Korean soldiers were taken prisoner by the North during the three-year conflict. Pyongyang denies holding any South Korean against his or her will, claiming the ones there defected voluntarily.[2][3]

So many of South Koreans are blindly believe North Korean propaganda and actually claim the abductee actually defected voluntarily. They continue to prove they think Korean blood worth nothing.

You think it’s a historic even and a sign of North Korea opening up? I’d have agreed with the notion, only if North Korea did that without receiving bunch of easy money.


2 thoughts on “More on the inter-Korean railways

  1. You make some great points. It seems that S. Korea has taken on the mindset of “re-unite at all costs”, even if it means taking a hit from the N. Koreans. What do you think the United States should do about this (if they can even do anything)? What should be their stance? It seems that our typically strong ties have become strained over this situation.

    I posted an article about this on my blog earlier today. I would love it if you would give us your thoughts about it in hopes of getting a discussion going about our perogitives for the Korean peninsula.


  2. Kent, thank you.
    What do I think the United States should do about it? Well, I think they should stay away from North Korea as much as they can while keeping the sanction going. Don’t give them a single carrot unless North Korea really has done something really significant. Don’t listen any promises. Watch what they do. And if they find a slightest chance to give aides directly to North Korean people, they should do so with every means possible.
    The same thing goes with Japan, in my opinion.
    But I know, at the same time, things don’t work that simple.

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