Obama on Japanese history issue

Barack Obama said something [in Japanese] about Japanese “history issue”.

But there is actually no “issue”. Here is what happens.

  1. South Korea, North Korea, and China (usual gangster countries or bad friends of Japan) scream “Japanese imperialism! nationalism! militarism!” and all that nonsense.
  2. Japan tries to defend herself by pointing out the fact.
  3. Leftists liberal newspapers in the U.S. selectively pick up partial words and make it an “issue”.
  4. Everyone accuses Japan as “Holocaust denier”.
  5. Japan apologizes.
  6. Everyone accuses Japan as “Japanese apologies are not really apologies”.
  7. Go back to #1.

I’ve seen this pattern so many times. Japanese politicians should learn by now, but they keep falling into this spiral again and again. And it seems like Obama isn’t a smart guy either. I was hoping he was better. But he sounds as dumb as Rep. Mike Honda.


I have to admit Japanese politicians, learned their failures, did not react to the accusations, that is “Japan stole the name ‘East Sea'” nonsense this time.


Coincidentally, a few U.S media have just pointed out[here, here and here] Obama made mistakes in his other speeches. It seems he tends to make up facts and numbers. No wonder.

With almost 18 months left until the general election, it is becoming painfully obvious to those who look through the media smokescreen that Barack Obama is not ready for prime time. A nice smile, two autobiographical and admittedly not strictly factual books, and a ready supply of feel-good bromides about fighting cynicism do not a capable president make.

John Hinderaker of Powerline has done an admirable job of exposing the sheer reckless mangling of facts by Obama (and his Media Matters defenders) when he attacked Detroit’s Big Three and ludicrously claimed that Japan’s automobile fleet gets an average of 45 miles per gallon, a claim that Toyota itself quickly refuted.


Obama recently gave speach in which he spoke about the tragic tornado in Greensburg, Kansas. During the speech he said that 10,000 people died in the tornado when the death toll so far is twelve.

For some people, facts don’t matter. They just want to attack.


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