“Korean history is 10,000 years old”

h/t Wacky Historical Theories of Racial Superiority: Now on Korean TV And here is the one with Japanese subtitles.

This is nothing new.

North Koreans say there were 5 great ancient civilizations. North Korea and South Korea are pretty much no different in terms of their view of the Korean history[1]. Well, North Korea is even funnier. North Korea claim/believes Korean race (or even human kind) originates from the “The Black Mountain Grape Homonids” or “Nidapithecus”. Here is the Wikipedia entry [in Japanese] about Nidapithecus. And here is the Japanese TV introducing this Nidapithecus!

The English version of Wikipedia is a VANK’s playground. Below is the excerpt from the Wikipedia entry “Civilization

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“Korean history is 5000 years old” business


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