Soshi kaimei – You can create a surname and change your given name

Today’s Chosun Ilbo is running rather lengthy 3 part-articles about “the forcible occupation period”. It reads “But it is little known it was banned for Koreans to create and change their name to Japanese-style in 1910 to 1930s”, and “You can see the ‘discrimination’ hidden behind the assimilation policy”.

Uh…. Yeah that was the reason “the Governor-General of Korea specially gave the right to create and change to Japanese names” in the first place. Is the author accusing Japan for not giving Koreans “the right” to create and change to Japanese names or being too late or what? Dude, did they want to change and use whatever the names they come up in the morning? That would be chaotic. Taiwan took longer to gain such “right” than Korea.

The problem was it was forced? If it was the law, it was just a duty for citizen(Korean lawmaker and judges existed), but in fact, there was no law to force them to create and change. Changing names was voluntarily and encouraged. (The actual ads “Don’t miss this chance to register names!”) The record shows 80.3% have created and changed their names, so about 20% chose not to. Of course, some group of nationalistic Koreans like today’s VANK might have played some rule in pushing some pressure to peers. Heck. VANK is just a gang of ass holes. Don’t blame Japan.

Japanese and Korean kids today learn “the evil empire of Japan brutally took away Korean names against Korean will. It was a part of evil Japanese intention to terminate Korean culture!!!”. But whether Japan had allowed them to create and change or not, they will accuse Japan for whatever reasons while their claims contradict themselves.

  • You did not allow me to create Japanese name = discrimination!
  • You made me to create a Japanese name = termination of Korean tradition!

Oh boy.

Besides that, I know many Koreans create and call themselves Japanese names in Japan and Jack or Joe in the U.S. today. (I had Chinese friends who do this as well) Why do they do it? Do they want to be regarded as Japanese or Americans? Heck.

同化と排除、2つの顔の日本植民地主義 Chosun Ilbo Japanese version May 13th, 2007

1940年、日帝が朝鮮人を「皇国臣民」として同化するため、創氏改名を断行した事実はよく知られている。しかし、1910年から30年代後半ま では、逆に朝鮮人が日本人風の名前に変更することを禁止していたという事実は余り知られていない。また創氏改名以降も、名前だけを見ればすぐに朝鮮人と分 かるケースが多かった。



Part2, and Part3

The rest of the articles have some problems, but surprisingly the author talks about the benefits they gained from Japan at the time. In the end, the author concludes Koreans have to acknowledge the benefits as well . lol He admits Koreans have been blinded by their nationalistic fevers. I guess the Korean history studies have JUST STARTED.


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