Japanese TV on “Pro-Japanese and anti-Korean act”

A Japanese TV(leftists, pro-Korea) just aired a report on the “pro-Japanese and anti-(Korean)racial act” and the witch hunt in South Korea.

I can almost hear all Japanese who watched the TV go like “South Korea is a crazy country…” In fact, I can’t deny that because they, pro-Japanese collaborators, are also victims of evil Japan in a way just like the old man said in the TV “There is no one who did not do any pro-Japanese activities at that time”. Simply, every Koreans were pro-Japanese under the annexation period in a way or another.


親日反民族行爲者 財産의 國家歸屬에 關한 特別法 (wikipedia Chinese article)
親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別 (wikipedia Japanese article)
Pro-Japanese and anti-(Korean)racial act (English none)
친일반민족행위자 재산의 국가귀속에 관한 특별법 (Korean none)

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The witch-hunt has begun in South Korea


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