something I wish I’d never known

Several years ago, I heard news about a 12-13 years old boy who was abandoned at Shinjyuku station in Japan.

The boy did not speak and seemed to be disabled. No one knew who he was. The only clue was the label/tag attached to his cloth in Korean. And when he was told to sit down in Korean,the boy did so. Those clues suggests he was abandoned from Korea parents. I thought that was only isolated individual incident back them.

Then, I heard a news that Korean parents decided to leave their baby because a doctor said the baby might be a disabled. And the baby was adapted by a family oversea! wtf. However, the baby turned out be a fine young man and contacted when he was grown up in Norway. I thought this was again, just a crazy parents did stupid thing.

Then, just recently I heard Koreans selling and enslaving disabled persons got busted. wtf again.

Finally, a few days ago, I was shocked to learn that there was a saying in Korean “It’s bad luck to see disabled”. I confirmed it more than one persons. And they say there is something they should learn from Japan and told me this website [in Korean].

There are interesting discussions going on there about how disabled were helped in train stations in Japan. Mostly positive about Japan on this matter and they say they should learn how people treat disabled from Japanese without usual Anti-Japanese sentiment. I think, I hope the younger generations in South Korea will be much much better.

That got me curious about the disabled in the past and present in South Korea. A big mistake.

The more I dig, the uglier stuff like exporting disabled children to overseas etc come up.

The worst of all was the traditional dancing called 병신춤. 병신춤 is a dance that mimics and make fun of physically handicapped and sick persons(p).

병신춤은 희극배우의 과장된 몸짓을 연상케 하는 춤이다. 춤 자체가 가진 형식은 다른 춤에 비해 거의 무시해도 좋을 만큼 자유로운 형식이며, 연극.음악.무용의 요소가 복합적으로 나타난다.
병신춤에서 주로 묘사되는 대상은 난장이, 중풍병자, 배불뚝이(배가 불룩하게 튀어 나온사람), 꼬부랑 할머니, 문둥이, 꼽추, 절름발이, 곰배팔이(팔의 관절이 굽혀진 상태로서 펼 수가 없는 사람), 원숭이 등 매우

다채로우며, 구전설화나 판소리, 고전소설에 나오는 인물들의 흉내를 내기도 한다. 주로 마을의 민속놀이에서 관객들을 웃기며 함께 어울려 놀때 많이 등장하며 직업적인 춤꾼들도 많이 있지만, 놀이판의 흥취에 걸맞는 사람이라면 누구든지 출 수가 있다.

I was seriously starting to regret I searched on this topic. This Korean traditional entertainment had been banned by Japan during the annexation period. (Here we go, the brutal Japanese empire took away and banned all the Korean culture!) Heck. If this is the tradition, it should be buried 6 miles under the Sea of Japan. But it seems 35 years couldn’t beat 5000 years.

Here comes the latest news from South Korea…..







W T F !?

Hey! Next time I see you Roh Moo-hyun, I’m gonna kick your smelly ass!


One thought on “something I wish I’d never known

  1. Generalizations of a people is wrong and people who cast the actions of one or a few unto a whole people will always be a child. Human beings have to evolve as a Human Race before any progress can be really made.

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