“Japan must accept East Sea as a friend” says the Blue House

What friendship? Like burning Japanese flags? Accusing Japan for no valid reasons?

The Blue House put a message up on the website.

Roh’s aide urges Japan to embrace East Sea SEOUL, May 11 (Yonhap) — The office of President Roh Moo-hyun on Friday asked Japan to accept South Korea’s latest proposal that the waters between the two countries be called both the “East Sea” and the “Sea of Japan” in global charts to be updated by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO).

In an essay posted on the Web site of the presidential office, Cheong Wa Dae, Yoon Seung-yong, senior presidential secretary for public information, said that Japan must show a good neighbor’s attitude by abandoning its sole use of the Sea of Japan in referring to the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

“Japan’s insistence on the Sea of Japan during the ongoing IHO conference in Monaco is a legacy of its past imperialism and aggression,” said Yoon.

Regarding Japan’s consistent historical distortions, Yoon also said, “Japan is still teaching its students that South Korea’s East Sea islets of Dokdo belong to Japanese territory. Its continued denial of responsibility for the Korean comfort women forcibly sent to Japanese military brothels during World War II has also disappointed us.”
On Thursday, South Korea’s Foreign Ministry asked the IHO to consider adopting both names in its update of global maritime charts, insisting that the Sea of Japan was registered with the IHO during the 1920s, when the Korean Peninsula was still under Japanese colonial rule.

The name ‘Sea of Japan’ is a heritage of Japanese imperialism and aggression.

Keeping the name ‘Sea of Japan’ alone means nothing but keeping the vested rights gained by a heritage of Japanese imperialism and aggression.

We encourage Japanese government to accept our proposal under the name of friendships.

If you claim it’s a heritage of Japanese imperialism and aggression, show us the proof. “East Sea appears 70% of old Western maps”, Korea says. But Japan says “Liar” “East Sea” was only found on 2 maps. Remember, “Oriental Sea” is not “East Sea”. “Sea of Coree” is not “East Sea”. It is clear to me Japan did not invented the name.

Besides, why didn’t they insist that at the IHO meeting in the first place? Like I said “Now South Korea has another 5 years to blame Japan for whatever reasons she comes up.” I don’t like to say “I told you so”, but I told you so.

Talking about friendships, wouldn’t it be better to clean up the shit in your own backyard before asking a favor to other countries?

Since IHO did not come to any conclusion, Japan bushing/Anti-Japan from South Korean government will probably become harsher than before in order to distract Korean people’s attention from his failure.

Seriously, the way ROK is saying is getting shockingly similar to that of North Korean regime’s…

靑 “日 역사인식 안타깝다”
[한국일보 2007-05-11 18:36]


홈페이지 통해 비판

청와대 윤승용 홍보수석은 11일 청와대 홈페이지에 ‘최근 일본의 역사인식을 안타깝게 생각하면서’라는 글을 올려 “동해의 일본해 표기와 야스쿠니 신사 공물 봉헌 문제, 일본군 위안부 책임 부인 등 움직임을 보면서 실망감과 우려를 금할 수 없다”고 밝혔다.

청와대가 홈페이지 글을 통해 일본을 비판한 것은 이례적이다.

윤 수석은 모나코에서 진행중인 국제수로기구(IHO) 총회의 ‘동해’표기 논의와 관련, 며 “일본해 단독 표기 주장은 과거 일본의 제국주의와 침략주의의 유산”이라며 “일본 정부가 동해 병기(竝記)라는 우리측의 제안을 수용하는 선린우방으로서의 자세를 보일 것을 촉구한다”고 말했다.

그는 “제국주의 시대에 우리의 손발을 묶어놓고 만들어놓은 일본해 단독표기를 유지하겠다고 하는 것은 제국주의ㆍ침략주의의 유산으로 얻은 기득권을 유지하겠다는 것으로 밖에 해석할 수 없다”고 지적했다.

青 「日 歴史認識 切ない」
[韓国日報 2007-05-11 18:36]

ホームページ 通じて 批判
青瓦台 ユンスングヨング 広報首席は 11日 青瓦台 ホームページに ‘最近 日本の 歴史認識を 切なく 思いながら’という 文を あげて「東海の 日本海 表記と 靖国 神社 供え物 奉献 問題、日本軍 慰安婦責任 否認 など 動きを 見ながら 失望感と 憂慮を 禁ずる 事が出来ない」と 明らかにした。

青瓦台が ホームページ 文を 通じて 日本を 批判した のは 異例的だ。

ユン 首席は モナコで 進行中の 国際水路機関(IHO) 総会の ‘東海’表記 論議と 関連、として 「日本海 単独 表記 主張は 過去日本の 帝国主義と 侵略主義の 遺産」と言いながら 「日本 政府が 東海 併記(竝記) という 我が方の 提案を 収容する 善隣友邦としての姿勢を 見せることを 促す」と 言った。

彼は 「帝国主義 時代に 私たちの 手足を 縛っておいて 作っておいた 日本海 単独表記を 維持しなければ ならない のは 帝国主義・侵略主義の 遺産で 得た 既得権を 維持するという ことの 外に 解釈する 事が 出来ない」と 指摘した。

青「日本、東海併記提案受け入れるべき」 JoongAng Ilbo





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