How you sit matters in Japan and Korea

Here is the interesting bit of the difference of manner between Japan and Korea. In Japan, ladies sit seiza-style while Koreans today call it criminal-style. In korea, ladies sit with their knees up or agura, while Japanese ladies never sit with their knees up because it’s considered to be disgraceful or shameless. As I mentioned before about the difference of how to eat, it’s interesting to see that good and bad is totally opposite.

This difference is sometimes problematic especially when children are involved. One Japanese mother complained about a Korean mother’s discipline because the Japanese mother felt her child was playing with Korean children and started to behave and adopted the Korean way. Yeah yeah, it’s a pain in the ass because it’s just a one of the cultural differences. You can’t really blame someone for it.

This picture below was taken in Korea under so-called “the Japanese forcible occupation period“. You can tell by now who’s Korean ladies and who’s Japanese lady right? This picture really tells a lot of things. This is hanami by the way.

Here is one more.


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