Another Sushi fraud. Tilapia

Chicago Sun-Times did a great job revealing the fish fraud.

Fish fraud: The menus said snapper, but it wasn’t (dead link) [update: ‘Chicago Sun-Times’ DNA Test Uncovers Sushi Fraud]

According to the article, Sushi restaurants in Chicago claim to be serving red snapper, turned out to be using cheaper tilapia. Some might argue it’s just a false advertising, but it’s not.

Many in Korea and Japan know that many Sushi restaurants in the U.S. are run by Koreans and Chinese people who may not have the authentic knowledge nor appropriate training which means it could be dangerous to eat at their restaurants. Even if Sushi restaurants owners claim they know everything about Sushi because Sushi is invented in Korea or China, don’t believe them. Just leave.

Remember, eating raw fish does not necessary means eating Sushi.

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Oilfish sold as “Sushi” in Korea

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美식당가, 日정부 ‘일식’ 인증추진에 코웃음

그는 “스시와 사시미는 원래 중국과 한국에서 유래했기 때문에” 일본은 스시가 자기들의 음식문화라고 주장할 권리가 없다면서 “일본은 2차대전 이후에 스시를 먹기 시작했지만 한국과 중국은 수천년간 스시와 사시미를 만들어 왔다”고 주장했다.

In this article, a owner of Sushi restaurant “Ginza Sushi” in LA, Jerry Kim said

“Sushi and Sashimi came from Korea and China. Japanese started to eat Sushi after 1945, and they don’t have no rights to claim about Sushi”.

As you know it’s a big BS. But many Koreans are proudly accept and accuse Japan for “stealing” their culture.

How to Tell a Real Japanese Restaurant New York

Koreans Pose as Japanese for $500 Per Month Moscow

Pathetic News” [in Japanese]


Sushi Investigation


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