Who cares about the tunnel?

A story about the proposed construction of an undersea tunnel is becoming popular in Korean news and possibly Korean blogosphere.

There’s apparently some discussion between South Korea and Japan about building an undersea tunnel to link the two countries …


Not even a single Japanese news picked this up. To tell you the truth, this has been around for years and it’s just Korean dream and Japanese nightmare.

I did a quick Blog search in Japanese blogosphere, and I confirm no-one likes the freaking tunnel. Everyone is just saying “We don’t want that. Just don’t do it, please!”. It’s just so apparent Japanese are strongly opposing the idea. It’s just a waste of money, no benefit, more dirty politicians. It’s the Unification Church and the politicians looking to make money out of it pushing this stuff and 99.9% of Japanese seem to dislike it.

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Pathetic news” [in Japanese]


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