Jung Myung Seok(정명석,鄭明析) a cult leader, serial rapist arrested

It seems the bustard finally got caught in China (here is another article)[in Korean].


This guy and the cult targeted many Japanese college students all over Japan and many Japanese women became victims. The freaking thing is that the cult is still active in Japan. wtf

Another Korean Zainichi Pastor 金保 who raped 12-20 years old girls for years and arrested in Japan. He was sentenced 20 years in prison last year. I seems the 20 years in prison is the max under the Japanese law.

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「摂理」教祖を北京で拘束 韓国通信社報道



Now, it is confirmed that he was in fact Jung Myung Seok.

Also, a Korean Prosecutors had actually helped Jung Myung Seok escape according to Chosun Ilbo [in Japanese]


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