Update on IHO

[original post]I seems there was an update (here, here, and here)[in Korean] on the East Sea/Sea of Japan controversy just a few hours ago.

Many Koreans are so excited about this news. I see “Goodbye ‘Sea of Japan’!”, “Loser!” a lot. 🙂 They say it seems North/South Korea could possibly bring down the name “Sea of Japan” from the map and leave it as bank until Japan and North/South Korea resolve this issue.

I think it is too early to say anything based on that article above. So, I’m going to sleep.


Occidentalism has more info and the hilarious comment “The Sea Formerly Known As The Sea Of Japan?

Korea Gets Lucky Break in ‘Sea’ Battle


IHO answer: no name for Sea of Japan

So, pretty much nothing has changed, nothing has decided. “Sea of Japan” stays as is.

What a shameless coward!


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