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May 10, 2007

4746 Chinese have died at coal mines

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Uh, no. Japanese did not kill them.

According to the article from today’s(May 10th) Yomiuri Shinbun(I couldn’t find online resource), 4746 Chinese workers have died last year at coal mines in China. Many coal mines are running illegally and those who tried to investigate the coal mines were actually killed this year.

I was taught that the Japanese evil empire forced and brutally killed bunch of Chinese and Korean (and Japanese of course) workers at coal mines during the WWII and Japanese are nothing but devils yada yada yada……

And what is this number … 30,000 South Korean women sneak into Japan working as hostess or sex workers today…..

I was taught the Japanese evil empire kidnapped Chinese, Korean, and Japanese of course as sex slaves (prostitutes so that nobody becomes a victim of rape, Japan says) during the WWII and Japanese are nothing but devils yada yada yada……

I’m terribly confused.

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