Korea changes her mind on East Sea

Government Won’t Insist on ‘East Sea’ Name Chosun Ilbo [English]

After all that …. what a waste of time.

Now, South Korea has another 5 years to blame Japan for whatever reasons she comes up. I guess this is a success for South Korea because South Korea could call all kinds of bad names of Japan. South Korea’s voice is so laud that many almost believed her even though South Korea’s claims are baseless.

If this was some kind of TV ads champaign to increase Korea’ image and bring down Japan’ image, Japan should have sued South Korea because it’s not fair.

South Korea has been running away from the International Court of Justice for decades regarding Dokdo/Takeshima issue. Now she is running away from IHO this time while accusing Japan.


I don’t like to say “I told you so”, but I told you so.

IHO, ‘동해’ 표기 결정 연기될 듯

또한 시간이 지날수록 동해와 일본해를 병기한 국제공인지도가 늘어나고 있어 시간을 버는 상황이 우리에게 유리하다고 대표단은 판단하고 있습니다.

They are going to do everything they can to piss Japan for next 2-5 years all over again.

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東海呼称問題:韓国、「東海併記」提案見送る方針 Chosun Ilbo [Japanese]

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東海東海名称めぐる票対決は霧散…IHOモナコ総会 JoongAngIlbo [Japanese]


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