IHO’s decision won’t change anything

S. Korea determined to prevent IHO from adopting ‘Sea of Japan’ Yonhap News May 06 2007.

Historians say the sea’s original name was the East Sea, although the Sea of Japan was adopted after Korea’s colonization by Japan and the 1950-53 Korean War.

OK, here we go again. “the sea’s original name was”.. original to whom? The sea was called variety of names by variety of countries. It’s just Korean ego/ethnocentrism.

It’s just surprising to see all the historians, journalists, and eventually readers, can be this stupid. IHO’s decision won’t change anything. Korean won’t stop until all the “Japan” disappears from maps.

Speaking of old maps, don’t they realize the very important fact that China and Korea are painted the same color? And this one (Ricci,Matteo 1602 China) says Chosun is **** of China. These maps seriously hurt “the 5000 Years of Korean History™

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Lies and half truth about “Sea of Japan”

“East Sea appears 70% of old Western maps”, Korea say. But Japan says “Liar”

일본해 단독표기 막아라” – The Dong-A Ilbo [in Korean only]
[사설] 정부, ‘동해’ 지키기에 최선을” The Kukmin Daily [in Korean only]
Korea Faces Heavy Seas at Ocean Conference” – Chosun Ilbo [in English]


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