China-Taiwan-Japan relations

This is kinda off-topic, but a few news caught my attention.

Diplomatic ties with St. Lucia cut – China Daily

Chinese Ambassador to St. Lucia Gu Huaming lodged solemn representations and strong objection to the government of St. Lucia after the Caribbean state resumed so-called “diplomatic relationship” with Taiwan.


On the other hand…on the same day,

Taiwanese tourists want to drive in Hokkaido, Japan. The National Police Agency will revise the law allowing Taiwanese tourists to drive – Hokkaido Shinbun

[summary]A poll conducted by Hokkaido shows 51% of Taiwanese tourists who visited Hokkaido wanted to rent a car and drive.

However, Taiwan hasn’t signed Geneva Conventions, the Police currently can not issue drivers licenses to Taiwanese tourists.

More than half of the total foreign tourists to Hokkaido were Taiwanese last year.

Smart move! 😉

Trivia: I heard the founder of Honda Motor Co., Ltd, Soichiro Honda, said the best factory he had was in Taiwan and the worst factory was in South Korea because….read the rest here or this book by 邱永漢(Qiu Yonghan).

As I mentioned before, “Although China has great history and culture, Japanese never ever get along with communists anymore. Never.” because, as I said before, “China is a communist, human rights violating, censorship ass country”.


2 thoughts on “China-Taiwan-Japan relations

  1. Thank you for making my point commentator above!

    By the way, your ip address suggests you are from SHANGHAI.

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