A joke about “36” and “5000”

Forks at The Marmot’s Hole disccusing about Korea which is great.

The thesis that all of Korea’s social maladies linger due to the Japanese colonial period — which lasted between 35 and 48 years — is complete nonsense. That such a brief interlude could completely change the culture is hard to fathom. It discounts the 5000 Years of Korean History™ that we hear about so often. How did the Japanese entice, or force, Koreans to junk the paradise of the Chosun era? After Liberation, why wouldn’t the suppressed Korean character return? Is Uncle Sucker to blame? Or is this so-called “Japanized culture” so much more powerful and compelling? Fifty years of Japan can overwhelm 5000 years of Korea, that’s what you’re saying.

I don’t think so. The fact is, Koreans are the way they are because this is the way they are.

Then I found this Joke by a Japanese.

한국인은 무엇인가 사정이 좋지 않은 것이 있자, 곧바로 일제의 책임으로 한다.이 나쁜 버릇의 원인은 무엇인가?

한국인이 모여 고민하고 있었다.

「우리는 무엇인가 사정이 좋지 않으면 곧바로 일제 36년의 책임으로 한다. 이 나쁜 버릇은 무엇이 원인인가?」

전원이 실컷 고민한 결과

「일제의 음모가 원인」

이렇게 말하는 것으로 의견이 일치했다

My rough translation.

A group of Koreans were thinking seriously.

“We tend to blame the 36 years of Japanese occupation. What’s causing this bad habit?”

All pondered a while.

And then, they concluded that it derives from the 36 years of Japanese occupation!

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“Korean history is 5000 years old” business


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