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May 4, 2007

Oilfish sold as “Sushi” in Korea

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Oilfish has been sold at Sushi restaurants in Korea. You will fall ill after eating this fake “Sushi”. At some Sushi restaurants in Korea, Oilfish was served as “white tuna”.

It’s less than half the price of tuna…. but you are NOT supposed to eat that…

Oilfish or “Ruvettus” is banned for human consumption by the law in Japan since a human can barely digest the oil it contains.


Tuna on the left, and oilfish on the right.


customer: “I don’t know, but it’s all tuna, right?”


“white tuna”


oilfish 6000 won/kg 780 yen/kg


It’s less than half the price of tuna in South Korea.


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  1. […] Dangerous oilfish is being sold as “white tuna” at sushi restaurants in Korea, according to Japanese media reports. [Link] […]

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