The witch-hunt has begun in South Korea

Todoy, under Roh Moo-hyun (노무현) ‘s direct command, “Research of pro-Japan anti-Korean race people’s property committee“( this is my word for word translation. YONHAP NEWS translates it as “Investigative Commission on Pro-Japanese Collaborators’ Property”) decided to seize property from descendants of Koreans who were pro-Japan prior to 1945.

YONHAP NEWS reports.

Gov’t to seize land owned by 9 collaborators during apanese colonial era

SEOUL, May 2 (Yonhap) — The government decided Wednesday to confiscate land owned by the descendants of nine people who amassed riches by cooperating with Japan during its colonization of Korea between 1910 and 1945.

(Here is another article from Washington Post and one from Forbes. BBC, Time, Guardian)

This is based on “Pro-Japan & anti-Korean race people’s property act ( 친일반민족행위자 재산의 국가귀속에 관한 특별법) ” legislated in Korea in 2005. It’s a shame that the English version of Wikipedia does not have an article about it.

親日反民族行爲者 財産의 國家歸屬에 關한 特別法 (wikipedia Chinese article)
親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別 (wikipedia Japanese article)

It’s an Ex post facto law. Hello?

I’ve been trying to keep an eye on this issue and really hoping that Koreans today ain’t this stupid. But they keep disappoint me. Every Koreans I asked replied that “친일파” deserve this”.

Practically, more than 90% of today’s Koreans are descendants of Koreans who was pro-Japan prior to 1945 because 90% of Koreans at the time were Pro-Japan. Japan built rail roads, public schools, hospitals, dams, banks, and all that with mostly Japanese tax money and today’ Koreans are using them.

Here is my question:

Byung-Chul Lee (a founder of Samsung Group) originally founded Samsung in 1938 and made fortune selling rice to Japan through the Governor-General of Korea. He went to the Japanese college(Waseda) and all.

Why don’t the gov of Korea take away Samsung’s fortune??

Hyundai is the next target right? How about Park Chung-hee the former president of South Korea who was a Japanese solder? The King Gojong and Sunjong himself, Congress men, Judges, Governors…I could go on and on.

In Korea, a grow-up Korean often apologizes for his/her grand father’s crime. This is part of their hardcore Confucianism culture which conflicts with modern international lawful society. And, of course, this has something to do with “South Korea’s Collective Guilt” over VT shootings.

Koreans traditionally have “beat the dead” attitudes meaning even if a criminal is dead, everybody should hate not only the crime but also HIM/HER and his/her relatives. This is opposite from Japanese attitude.

It’s just absurd.

A Korean replied to this issue.

한국에서 친일은 惡이 된다.

국가 전체가 반일을 하는 미친 나라에서 나는 태어났다.

내가 선택한 것은 아니야k

My translation:

Pro-Japan is consider to be evil in Korea.

I was born in a crazy country where the entire country is anti-Japan.

It is not my fault (I did not choose).

I’m glad some Koreans are sane. I just feel sorry for ya.

Mike Breen on seizure of collaborator land at The Marmot’s Hole.

Thank god my ancestors didn’t collaborate with the Japanese

The “Opinion” Traitor’s Land: Who Does it Belong to? at The Korea Times


One thought on “The witch-hunt has begun in South Korea

  1. I am really sad that this is 2007 and South Korea still hold grudge against Japan. I am anti-war and sorry that happened 60+ years ago but still, South Korea teach their kids to hate Japan. I met several South Korean in my life and unfortunately some of them did not even want to talk to me once they found out I am Japanese.
    I am Japanese and wish we could all be friends…

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