A mistake of “The comfort women photo exhibition”

A Korean news article reports : A photo of a “Comfort station” released (Hangul)


Korean news clearly states that this picture above is one of the “Japanese Comfort stations“.

However, I see English words such as “Keep out”, “Off Limit” on the wall. This cannot be a Japanese Comfort station because English words were strictly banned in Japan and no-one was allowed to use it during the WW2.

This reminds me of Comfort women for UN solders in Korea during the Korean war.


“UN Soldier Comfort Women Registration Starts on the 13th” September 14, 1961 article from the Donga Ilbo



“UN Soldier Comfort Women Registration Starts on the 13th”

From the _3th, as planned, the Seoul Metropolitan Police transferred the authority to register comfort women for UN soldiers to the front-line offices of the city’s Social Bureau (UN Soldiers’ Comfort Women VD Control Section).

Officials said, however, that this registration applies to women living with even one foreigner, regardless of legal marital status, and to women working as comfort women for UN soldiers.

I’m not implying anything. This reminded me that…

But one thing is clear. Those who accuse only Japan on this matter is a hypocrite. You have to accuse Korean, and the US, and other countries as well.


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2 thoughts on “A mistake of “The comfort women photo exhibition”

  1. After the American occupation of Japan, it seems that American Soldiers also frequented these “confort women”. In an effort to stop this from happening, and apparently to stem the tide of rampand STD’s, the US Military made these brothels “off-limits” to the American soldiers.
    I’m willing to bet that this is what the picture depicts…Keep out and off-limit signs posted by the military reminding the soldiers that they weren’t supposed to be there, which is why they are in English. Please see the below link for the story.
    The bottom line is this…when given the opportunity American GI’s behaved as cruelly as the Japanese had, by taking advantage of the poor souls who had been trapped into sexual slavery. Geez! Talk about adding insult to injury…

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