East Sea, Chosun Sea, Sea of Korea, Sea of Peace…- whatever not “Japan” in it

This is the one of the meaningless controversies between Korea and Japan. Well, most Japanese don’t even know Korea wants to change the name of “Sea of Japan”. Who cares? Obviously, Koreans do, especially, the government of ROK and VANK, the internet terrorist group.

Past a few days, Korean media has been excited about this issue all over again.

Korea, Japan Renew Arm Wrestling Over East Sea

(2nd LD) S. Korea, Japan to spar over East Sea name at IHO meeting

See the image they used along with the Chosun Ilbo’s article?


It reads “Chosun Sea (朝鮮海)”, not “East sea (東海)”. This is the result of eliminating the use of Chinese characters that I’m telling ya!

What are they trying to say? They don’t even care! They just don’t like “Japan” anywhere.

Fine. Go ahead. Japan will just keep using “Sea of Japan” internaly with no problem. But I’m 100% sure that many Koreans ask not to use “Sea of Japan” even for the internal use and claiming that that is Japan’ evil ambition to invade Korea yada yada yada..

Think about it. It’s “South Sea” from China’s point if view. It’s “West Sea” from Japan. How stupid.

Why don’t Korean name it “Korean the best country and center of the world Sea” 😉

[Japan Probe has some nice info]

Asahi newspaper predicts the name is not going to change. [in japanese]

[related artile]

Korea Faces Heavy Seas at Ocean Conference – Chosun Ilbo [in English]

Lies and half truth about “Sea of Japan”


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