Another “mixed-race children are not Koreans”

As I posted before, 30% of all Korean students consider mixed-race children are not Koreans.

[ The Korea Times ] : ‘After 15 Years in Korea, Still Feel Like Outsider’ – Ida Daussy speaks.

“It’s still difficult to live in Korea as a foreign-born person. They say 13 percent of the marriages in Korea are international these days, and (mixed-race) children like mine are growing up here. Korea is certainly going more multi-ethnic than before. But immigrants still feel like it is oil mixing with water. There are moments when we feel like we are still standing in front of the door. I think Korea should open up more in this global era.”

While it is beautiful to love one’s country and be patriotic, Koreans tend to convert to nationalism at certain moments, she said.

I’d like to tell all the Koreans that hatred only produce more hatred. Korean kids are taught that pure-blooded Korean are great and Koreans are superior race in everyday life. But this has got to stop.

Or Korea has to pay its(10대 성범죄, 일의 10배·미의 2배 ) price one day(사건 절반이 ‘집단 범행’… 죄의식 없다).

Korean children’s drawings, Part 1

Korean children’s drawings, Part 2

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Lai Daihan

What Can We Do for Education of Racially Mixed Children?

men force women to undress before get married in Vietnam

For love or money?: Korea to crack down on wife-selling from Thanh Nien May 4, 2007.


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