Comfort women? sex slave?

A bunch of Korean women trying to sneak into Japan or the US or Australia to work as sex workers TODAY. Most women was sold by Korean dealers.

Chinese are literally enslaving Korean women(defectors) right NOW in China, but South Koreans are doing nothing to prevent. Not even a word.


일본 밀항시켜 유흥업소 취업알선 (Hankook Ilbo) 2007/03/07 09:08:10

부산경찰청 외사과는 7일 미성년자를 포함한 국내 여성 140여명을 일본으로 밀항시켜 주점접대부 등으로 취업시킨 혐의(특가법상 국외이송 부녀매매 등)로 국내 총책 김모(37)씨와 알선책 최모(32.여)씨 등 12명을 구속했다. 경찰은 또 이들을 통해 일본으로 밀항을 시도한 서모(23.여)씨 등 31명을 불구속 입건하고 달아난 알선책 임모(44)씨 등 4명을 같은 혐의로 수배했다.

경찰에 따르면 김씨 등은 지난 2004년부터 최근까지 전국에서 부녀자 140여명을 모집해 1인당 150만원을 받고 일본으로 밀항시킨 뒤 유흥업소 및 성매매 업소 취업을 알선한 혐의를 받고 있다.

김씨는 특히 2003년 12월 인터넷 채팅으로 알게 된 미성년자 오모(당시 14세)양 등 2명을 자신이 운영하는 다방종업원으로 취업시킨 뒤 다시 일본 유흥업소에 1인당 1천500만원을 받고 넘긴 뒤 오양 등으로부터 7천400만원을 갈취한 혐의도 함께 받고있다.

경찰 조사 결과 이들은 인터넷에 `한.일 비자상담’이라는 광고를 낸 뒤 이를 보고 찾아 온 부녀자들이나 일본 유흥업소 종사 경험이 있는 강제 출국자 등을 밀항시켜 온 것으로 드러났다.

30,000 Korean Women Sell Sex in Japan

By Bae Ji-sook
Staff Reporter

About 30,000 Korean women are working as prostitutes in Japan, a lawmaker said on Tuesday.

Rep. Park Jae-wan of the largest opposition Grand National Party has researched online communities that link entertainment places and people for the past six months and found that 40,000 to 60,000 illegal Korean emigrants reside in Japan. Among them, about 30,000 Korean women work in the sex trade.

It isn’t only women who move to Japan for the sex business. Many young Korean men have also gone to Japan to work as prostitutes, he said.

Some of the brokers bragged about being a gigolo in Japan, saying that they can guarantee 10 million won in income per month along with Japanese language learning opportunity.

Park said that there are more than 70 online communities at a portal site serving as middlemen for prostitutes and their clients, and among them, more than 41 were actively working.

Though serving as a middleman for prostitutes is strictly prohibited in Korea, the online world has found ways to sneak past the authorities.

One of the postings mentioned that all the workers at the clubs and bars are Koreans and 90 percent of the visitors are Japanese. It said that the job itself does not pay well but it can connect the worker with wealthy men who would offer big money in exchange for sex.

Those who apply for the jobs are sent not only to Shinzuku, Akasaka and Ginza in Tokyo but also to Osaka or Kobe, or even some rural areas.

Moreover, many of the “overseas jobs’’ are linked to the dark side of Japanese society. Many people are said to be connected to Japanese gangsters called yakuza.

Unless a woman finds a customer, her salary is reduced. Also being late to work or sick leave are all calculated and deducted from her salary.

In addition, many Korean women are said to be visiting Japan on forged passports, identification cards or driving licenses.

Brokers sometimes pretend to be a go-between for international marriages.

Park proposed shutting down these portal sites, adding that he will soon make public the number of people going to China and Australia to work as prostitutes.

Why don’t you do something about today’s “sex slave” before accusing Japan?

Hypocrite. One must think there is hidden purpose behind this.


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