Zainichi North Koreans scare me

Zainichi Koreans are either South or North Korean nationals who have special rights to stay in Japan. Most Zainichi Koreans were Korean war refuges or immigrants who came to Japan looking for better jobs.

A few days ago, Japanese authorities have raided the offices of Chongryon.
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I saw all the North Korean residents shouted “Get out of here! Get out of here! Human rights! Human rights!”

I wonder how they think about the human rights in North Korea.

You wanna know what kind of people we are talking about?



“Human right”? “Get out”? Talking about human rights and north Korea, don’t you have something to do for your own country?





Please respect the law and police officers.

Remember, they worship their “great leader” Kim Jong-il. And they are just making matters much worse.



According to the ex-officer of Public Security Intelligence Agency, Yakuza is consist of 30% of zainichi Koreans.


3 thoughts on “Zainichi North Koreans scare me

  1. you’re correct on your observations but you really cannot deny that japanese society has a righteousness in their own discrimination that borders on the apalling. you really gotta learn that when it comes to human beings their isn’t a black and white stance. just take a step back and look at things in a larger scale.

  2. Thank you tina

    I guess I made some mistake of over generalization. I’m sorry about that. I did not mean that. But, you know it seems to me that they(group of people above in the pictures) are just trying to cover up Kim Jong-il’s dirty ass. How do you think?

    I guess it’s their politically motivated job to distract attention from North Korean human rights abuse and they try to give Japan bad name every chance they get as much as possible. They would probably scream “discrimination!” when they failed in an exam on drivers license, or soaked by rain. Many people outside of Japan have very little knowledge of what’s going on with them. And many people have believed what they say about “discrimination!” and “human rights” abuse in Japan.

    I strongly believe they should be working to help North Korean defectors instead of demanding “human rights” of their own because no body is abusing their “human rights” in any ways in Japan. In fact, most of them are very successful in business and life and all that. How many North Korean Zainichi are actively working for freedom and human rights in North Korean? This is what I call a Hypocrisy.

    I will add that they have family and relatives in North Korea as if they were taken hostages by Kim Jong-il. I know that. But, It kind of makes me sick when ignorant people(like the guy from UN) come around seeing them a few minutes and say “Oh, Japan is discriminating those poor people” Sick. It’s not that simple.

    Also, please remember it is the police who were trying to protect human rights of those who abducted.

  3. I guess I also have to mention that the bast majority of South/North Korean Zainichi Koreans are doing very fine in the Japanese communities. But, at the same time, some are doing really bad things including criminal/illegal activities and I don’t deny they give Zainichi Koreans a bad name. I could give you tons of example, but I’ve never mentioned that kind of stuff because I “look at things in a larger scale”.

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