Speaking of the VT shootings, that’s the end of anti-America in South Korea

This is it. No more US flag burning. I will miss South Korean’s passion for the anti-Americanism. So, I think I share some of my memories.

Here are the some nonsense I’ve heard from many South Koreans.

1. Korea lost her independence because the U.S. did not help her.
– Why not protect yourselves in the first place?

2. We(North/South Koreans) are divided because of the U.S. (and Japan, of course) – South Korea would not have been existed without the help of the U.S forces. What are you talking about?

3. The U.S. is trying to interfere with South-North Korea’s unification process and doing every evil things they can to avoid peaceful unification.
– It is the South Koreans the most unwilling to unite. It’s your so-called “great Korean race” failed. Don’t blame others.

4. “North Korea’s fake US dollar bill” scam is a hoax.
– Whatever.

5. The U.S. should have dropped at least 10 nukes in Japan, not just two.
– This is understandable because South Koreans often refer to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the atomic bomb as “barbeque“.

6. GIs have been killing and raping South Koreans while stationed in Korea.
– Hello? What about South Koreans in Japan?? For the last month alone, a Korean raped about 20 teenage Japanese girls. Another Korean stabbed a guy to death. A Korean kills or rapes or commits serious crime pretty much every month in Japan. How about that??

They were not kidding. They were serious enough to piss me off even though I’m not an American. As you can guess, those are nothing but excuses to hate somebody and call them inferior. “If you can´t go up, bring them down.”

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Meanwhile, anti-Japan in South Korea is still alive and kickin’


One thought on “Speaking of the VT shootings, that’s the end of anti-America in South Korea

  1. You’ve also got South Korean leftists who blame the U.S. for not helping democratize South Korea. Why not democratize yourselves?

    But, of course, if they did help, the same dudes would be complaining about the U.S. not respecting South Korea’s sovereignty. Just can’t win!

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