Korean, Korean-American or American?

South Koreans are often proud of their superiority of their race, specially, when Korean sports players or scientists archive something.

For example, most Korean used to be proud (big time) of Michelle Wie and called her a “Korean” even though her nationality was American. Typical Koreans are often confused with race and nationality.

I’ll look for more examples when I have time. But I thought it was only Koreans who thought this way.

But it was all until the VT shooting tragedy.

Now Koreans are all saying “race and nationality are totally different things. He was an Americans.” and “An individual crime has nothing to do with race.”

People can easily forget how they looked like yesterday.

Trivia: All the Koreans I talked to right after the shooting said “I know the shooter is a Japanese.” When the news reports said it was a Chinese student, Koreans said “Sorry, my mistake, it was the shooter’s girl friend I was talking about. She is the cause of the shooting!” They never even thought about the possibility of a Korean involvement. What happened after it turned out to be a Korean? Some said “I’ve gotta pretend to be a Japanese from now on…”, “Korea is all over…”.


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