“Korean history is 5000 years old™” business

Korean history is 5000 years old or roughly 2000 years older then Japanese history. … ironically enough the Japanese constantly distort history at the price of destroying relations with China and Korea.

Koreans believe the myth as history.  Even the president of South Korea says “Our 5,000 years of history”… oh boy.

The thing is… you can’t include myths as part of your “history”. 

History of a nation starts when clear evidence of a political hierarchy and state (including proto-state) structure have emerged in the society, the society must also have attained a sufficient level of development, for example, with the elites being actually able to record history through writing, to be really considered as a civilization. This thus excludes all primitive/tribal societies of hunter and gatherers or nomads.


It’s Koreans who are distorting history. I’m beginning to think that Korea eliminated the use of Chinese character so that nobody reads real historical documents to verify what they had been taught.

One of the oldest Korean flag: titled “Korea belongs to Great Sino” or “Korea is vassal kingdom of China” (大清国属 高麗国旗) in Chinese characters.

Korea officially used Hanja(Chinese character) until she gained her independence from Sino in 1895. Today, ordinary Koreans cannot reads any official documents prior to 1895.

This is one of the reasons why most Korean kids(or even grown-ups) do not know what the “Independence gate” in Seoul stands for.

I have actually read Korean school textbook. And there was no explanation of the article 1 in the treaty of Shimonoseki at all.

So, I figured, I should ask Koreans how they think. I asked the following 3 questions. This was 2 years ago.

1. Do you think Japanese school textbook distorts history?

2. Have ever read one? Or do you know what the Japanese textbook say?

3. Do you know why “Independence gate” was built?

Their answers scared hell out of me.

Everybody I asked said “yes” to the question #1 and “no” to the question #2. They were blaming Japan for whatever reasons they even don’t know.

Finally, in response to the question #3, some had no clue what the Independence Gate stands for. Some(after searching the web) said “It represents our intention to keep our independence forever. Especially, from Japan!”. Some replied “Because we beat Japan and gained independence from Japan. ”

Oh boy…

Another observation was that every time I talked to North Koreans about politics or history, the first thing they tend to mention was

“Our great leader Kim Jong-il… yada yada yada”

Every time a Japanese talked to South Koreans about culture or history, the first thing they tend to mention was

“Korean history is 5000 years old. We taught you japs all the culture… yada yada yada”

South Koreans and North Koreans are pretty much the same.

It is sad if I offend somebody with my comment, but this is based on my first-hand experiences and observations.

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2 thoughts on ““Korean history is 5000 years old™” business

  1. I did not do any “survey”. I just asked a few Koreans online. I’m not that brave. 😉 They would kill me if I said “Korea was a vassal state of China” or “5000 year-old” is a myth. They are believing in the myth.

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