Don’t show ugry Koreans in a movie. But it’s OK for us to do whatever we like.

No End to Korea’s Rough Ride in Hollywood“: Chosun Ilbo says.

Koreans have on the whole had a rough ride in Hollywood movies. The Oscar-winning anti-racism tract “Crash” was criticized for portraying only Koreans among the multiple races it featured as greedy without redemption.

So, now Koreans are saying no Japanese are negatively portrayed in Korean films?

It must be a joke.

What about these Korean movies:

Not to mention of “유령“1999, and the best seller book, -what’s the title “무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다”, about Korea nukes Japan.

Those are Korean fantasy… or you might say “Korean collective masterbation”.

via “Koreans getting screwed by Hollywood: Chosun Ilbo


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