“Did we go too far? We need Japanese tourists!”

“Japanese holiday season has begun, but no luck for us”- “일본 ‘황금연휴’…관광업계는 ‘울상’”

엔화가치 하락이라는 악재 때문에 부산을 찾는 일본 관광객 수가 기대에 미치지 못하고 있기 때문입니다.

<인터뷰> 호텔 관계자” “지난해에는 부산의 모든 호텔이 100% 예약률을 기록했는데, 올해는 일부 호텔을 제외하고 60% 수준에 머물고 있습니다.”

This year the number of Japanese tourists to visit Pusan seems to be drastically decreasing because of low rate of Yen.

Or so KBS news says.

Well, Bae Yong Joon fever has been long gone and Koreans went too far blaming Japan. And those Korean ladies…

…stalked Mr Abe to the White House and put the “Rape” ads all over the newspapers.

It’s pretty natural that the fewer Japanese would like to go to Korea this year.

[clip]Abe and ladies in Washington DC


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