Hangul: “proved to be the more efficent and easier to learn”

korean alphabet proved to be more efficent and easier to learn than the chinese one”

Right, right.

Then why didn’t they use Hangul in the first place? Was there any public school for non-Yangban? How many? Proof?

What is the name of the first newspaper which used Hanja-Hangul? And who was the editor? Where did the first ever created Hangul fonts come from? Who came up with the idea of mixed “Hanja-Hangul”?

This textbook was published by Governor-General of Korea in 1923.

Korean kids all over Korea learned Hangul in public schools under Japanese administration.

So the “inferior neighbouring country”, Japan, taught Koreans Hangul. But, South Korea denies this fact.

Truth hurts.


2 thoughts on “Hangul: “proved to be the more efficent and easier to learn”

  1. Han-Gul can be used phonetically for many languages including primitive languages, such as Japanese. Why is Japanese primitive? Because Japanese is mostly Consonant-Vowel sounds for ex., AH RI GA TO and there is no sounds, such as ANG RIG GAG TOL. It must be too difficult for a Japanese to pronouce a trailing consonant. It is really like a baby talk, dah dah.

    Of course Han Gul can easily spell out more complicated sounds including words with trailing consonants.

    For ex., we say and spell the word as “Gim Chi” and it would be so incorrect to say or spell this word as “Gi-MOO-Chi” unless the speaker has a speech impairment. Try it , practice: GIM (take a deep breath) Chi , not that difficult.

  2. Some days later….

    I read the supposedly Japanese-composed textbook written in Korean and in each of the 2 paragraphs under the cover page, there are so many spelling and gramatical errors – a 2nd grader couldn’t have possibly written that! And that pissses me off that you are telling us with that garbage of gibberish text you are telling us Japan taught Koreans Korean?

    Now let’s really go back in time to the Japanese Colonial time. Our grandparents and parents who lived through it tell us if a Korean student spoke Korean in school, he or she was harshly punished by a Japanese teacher. That is what happened this is a common knowledge in Korea. So are you trying to insult the Koreans with this or … are you one of those dillusional Japanese people who believe Japan helped Korea by occupying it just as they were dillusional about the war itself that Japan was invincible?

    Apparently you and many Japanese are taught incorrectly in school and about history. After all, we have a whole issue with the Japanse history textbook and how misleading it is, don’t we?

    One more thing while we are at it. In case you did not learn this in school: Korea and Japan had a Protectorate Treaty and Japan did the honors of being the only country in the 20th Centrury to break such treaty and annexed the other party. Japan also staged the savage murder of the Queen and the eventual poisoning of the King of Korea.

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